13 November 2010

Jenny's Bday

My friend Jenny invited me to her birthday party and I said I would love to come and then she said she would fill me in on the details. On the day of her birthday she texted me and told me the address of the event. I looked it up on google and noticed it was at a bar. I kept thinking of ways to get out of it without offending her that I didn't like her choice in venue. I really couldn't think of anyway to get out of it. Even saying I was busy or sick seemed like a bad friend move after she was so excited to see me. So after stalling at the gym and getting home and hearing there was a missed call from her, I headed to the flower market, picked up a bouquet of pink roses and lilies and headed over there.

As I walked into the entrance, I already get accosted by an African guy that gets all up in my face and says "Give me a kiss baby." He wreaked of alcohol on his breath. "Oh no" I thought. I wanted to turn around right then and go home and join Ramsey who was playing video games with his friend Carl. Well, I kept going and found Jenny. She was super excited to see me and loved the flowers, perfume, and wallet I got her. Then she introduced me to the festivities. Oh joy, a drinking game. All her friends would take turns rolling the dice and if they hit an odd number they had to down their glasses. Well, of course, I don't drink, so I sat there bored to tears while everyone giggled giddily around me. After about the 4th drinking game, I could feel my eyes starting to close. I didn't want Jenny to feel bad that I was having a bad time so I asked Jenny if she would like to take a break from drinking and come dance. So we went up to the very small and dark dance floor and proceeded to dance.

This had the possibility of being fun, except I kept getting accosted by a lesbian Chinese girl that attempted to grab my boobs multiple time and even my crotch. Then the African guy came out of nowhere and starting dancing close to me from behind. I told him to leave and the lesbian came to my "aid" to protect me but actually she just came to try to woo the African guy who wanted nothing to do with her. So now, I'm thinking she wasn't a drunk lesbian but just drunk. Then a German guy started to try dancing real close to me and the African guy grabbed him and they began a massive fight.

I told Jenny I had a "good time" and went home.

And thus goes the story of my first and last time at a bar.

The end.

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  1. Yuck! I've never understood the whole "bar" culture. Just seems like even if you enjoy drinking, there are still lots of other things in the world to do, and for so many people the only thing they do for entertainment is hang out at bars.