29 December 2010

Birthday in Changzhou: Dinosaurland

Dinosaurland is not always everyone's first choice in the winter. It's really a summer thing since it has a connecting water park. The park has 50 different kinds of dinosaur fossils which are located in a museum. It also has more than 30 amusement rides which are spread throughout the park and put into six different themed areas.

When we arrived at Dinosaurland, it was a little eerie how vacant everything was. There were hardly no lines. "This isn't China if there are no lines," I told myself. The park is so massive and happy music is blaring through the speakers and with the combination of no people, it put a little dark vibe to the place. I kept telling Ramsey I was creeped out. Thankfully a few hours into it, a lot more people showed up and it seemed less creepy.
Random doves chilling out in Dinosaurland.

There were a lot of rides I enjoyed. One is the equivalent to Splash Mountain. It has the whole log boat and giant drop. We had to buy ponchos for that ride. While it's winter and it's normally freezing, this particular day was quite warm and it didn't seem so bad to get wet. The ride was massive with huge landscapes of differing types of dinosaurs and one large volcano that was the size of a house. Where do they get all this space? Oh, right it's China. Anyway, the artistry was pretty amazing.

Another was this ride where you're kind of on a motorcycle but it's a roller coaster. Can't really explain it but it wasn't fat friendly and even me at 126 lbs was getting my ribs almost squished. The ride was really intense.

Another ride is a giant King Kong picking you up in your bus and shaking you around. He also breathes fire and had a crazy murderous look in his eye.

Another ride I felt like I was going to go off the tract. They would throw you and you felt like you're skidding off the edge but it's just an illusion because the very end is still on the tract. It looked so harmless but I was scared out of my mind. Didn't know I was this afraid of heights until I felt like I was going to fall. I think part of the reason it's so scary is because deaths by roller coasters seems more of a reality in China than in America "the sue" capital of the world.

Another ride was the notorious ride where they launch you in the air and then drop (otherwise called Scream at Knotts Berry Farm and Superman in 6 Flags.)

My favorite thing was that they have this random haunted spook alley called "The Fantastic Spooky House." There were no live actors and it was all animatronics. I actually think it was really good. For one, no one was around, Two, it was quite long, and Three, the artistry was good. It started off all dinosaur stuff and then it just became a huge eclectic freak show with the most horrifying things. At one part, I really felt like I was in hell. These will devils/ghouls were trying to push themselves through the caged walls. And then there was this hallroom where the walls were closing in like you see through the movies. I was walking kind of slowly, just thinking it was fun until I realized that the walls weren't stopping. And then I remembered China isn't fat-people friendly and I had to start running before the walls crushed me. Really China??? You don't care about getting sued? Ha, of course she doesn't. China's a badass and their spook alleys are legit.

Dinosaur also comes with its own museum full of dinosaur bones. It's quite fun seeing the traditional dinosaurs like the Brontosaurus and the T-rex being called funny Chinese names like the sichuan-a-saurus, and the beijjing-a-saurus. I can't remember their names exactly but it was funny like that.

We went to a birdshow. Lots of tricks like picking out the right bowl that contains the ball, doing math, ride mini bikes, and talking.
Birds jamming to the music

Grand finale

Saw a ridiculous stunt show. This dinosaur here beat the crap out of the actors and Ramsey wanted so much to put it up on youtube because it was was hilarious but I got my camera out by the time he ran out. But trust me, it was the best fight scene ever

And now I will leave you with awesome artwork found on the bathroom wall.
What a perfect utopian world with dinosaurs! =)

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  1. Great post! Loved reading all about it and looking at the photos and videos. What a crazy, delightful place.