29 December 2010

My Chinese Tutor's Wedding

As you know I go to Donghua University three nights a week for 2 hours and 20 minutes each for Chinese class. It's pretty hardcore, but on top of that I have a two hour language exchange on Wednesdays with this Chinese girl named Liu Yi Lai. She got married on December 29th. So Ramsey and I took the train back from Changzhou after Dinosaurland and attended her wedding.

She usually tutors Japanese people in Chinese. Her husband is Japanese and she speaks it fluently. Her English is pretty non existent. In fact, we finally mastered "What are you doing today?" and "I am very busy with work today." Teaching her English actually improves my Chinese a ton because I have to explain everything including grammar rules in Chinese. Anyway, here are some pictures of her wedding. Chinese weddings are really cool. They have so many wedding dress changes. The first part of the wedding, the groom carried the bride "unwillingly" on his back and trots across the room with a covering over her face. It's supposed to represent the "stealing" of the bride from her family. Traditionally all the women in the family have to wail and even the bride will cry all her makeup off to represent her sadness of leaving her family to join another. However no crying at this wedding just her being carried on his back. She looked so cute with her legs dangling. She's so small after all. I wish I got a picture of it.
Me singing "迷宫" at the wedding


  1. Neat! Also enjoyed you singing in the little video :)

  2. Wow, you sounded great!!!

  3. I love your voice. It was fun to hear you sing at your wedding and again on here.