20 February 2011


I loved my time in California. The warm weather was very much welcomed since I had been stuck in a freezing Shanghai. While I did spend a lot of time babysitting my nieces before you think that's all I did, let me tell you I had a ton of fun doing other various activities! It was so nice to see everyone. I love my family! I loved my late night talks with my Mom and hanging out with my brother Jeremy!

I loved jogging in the afternoons with my brother Jer. I love him so much. For the longest time I couldn't get out of "little sister" status but now we are equals and friends and I love hanging out with him. We always have so much fun when we're together. He's such a good person and he does so much for others and I think a lot of people don't realize it. He's always helping my father out with the kids and putting his plans second. I'm so grateful he's in my life.

I had the best Valentine's Day ever! I spent it with my mother and my niece Stephanie. It was a girly Valentine's Day complete with shopping, mani's and pedi's, restaurant going and seeing the Justin Bieber movie.

Visiting my friend Summer. I visited her and her little baby girl at the hospital and later we got Mexican food. I've missed her so much!!!

Mini friends reunion. It's been so long since I've seen my high school friends!

Spent a Saturday at Venice Beach with Steph and Jer. It was a lot of fun strolling down the street and looking at little vendor shops.

Goodbye sunny California weather. You will be truly missed!!!


  1. Such a sweet entry. Miss you tons! --Jer

  2. You really look fabulous Ness! Your Jer is pretty amazing. Nice to see such great sibling love.