08 February 2011

Utah (Days 1-4)

So within my 5 week vacation, I have a mini one week vacation to visit my brother in Utah and a couple other of my favorite people.

The first day, Kev and Trinh picked me up from the airport and took me to Vietnamese cuisine at Cafe Trang in Salt Lake. I ordered what Trinh got which was fabulous and I decided I love Vietnamese food. I love the tangy taste of most of the dishes. Afterward, we went to Kevin's Vietnamese class and because it was the New Year, they were having a little class celebration and we ate traditional New Year cake which is a glutinous rice cake with pork and wrapped in bamboo leaves. We also watched a documentary on how the Vietnamese celebrate the New Year and a nice return missionary who went to Cambodia on his mission but taught in Vietnamese translated everything for me. I learned a lot and really have come to like the culture and all the New festivities. I also really like their dress. The language however is something I would never want to learn because I don't really like how it sounds. Trinh sounds pretty when she speaks it but for the most part, it just sounds like the aliens from Mars Attack. haha

Breakfast by Trinh and Kev

The next day, Kev and I went jogging and talked for many hours. So this was our major bonding day. We ate at Cafe Rio which was so awesome and I was looking forward to it for such a long time. Afterward we watched Unstoppable at the dollar theatre.

Saturday, I woke up to fresh made crepes with chocolate and bananna courtesty of Trinh and for lunch her homemade Indian Chicken Masala. Can I just say I love Trinh and her cooking??? We then went to Park City to browze all the boutique shops and it was really fun!

Afterward, we went to the New Year celebration put on by the Vietnamese association of BYU. We had a fabulous dinner, watched great performances, and had a raffle. Trinh won one of the prizes.

Afterward we had icecream at Macey's and watched "The Next Three Days" at the dollar theatre. I thought I was going to pass out from the suspense of the last 15 minutes.

Sunday was rough because it was fast sunday and their church doesn't start til 1:30 and I was starving. But I think it was all in the mind because since my church is so far away in Shanghai that while church starts at 10:30, I don't get home til 3:00 because of all the traveling, so I fast the same amount. I think the torture part was that Trinh had pork roast in her slow cooker which was filling the air with such temptuous smells.

Their church was great. It was a young married ward for those attending BYU and it was weird to realize that I was one of the oldest ones there besides Trinh and Kev. Most of the girls were 20-22. But the lessons were so good! I think having a ward run by young, ambitious, committed young people really helps excite things up.

After church, Trinh made homemade Cafe Rio pork salad, and it was mouthwatering. It had all the characteristics of Cafe Rio because she found the recipe online. The signature house dressing and coke-marinated slow cooked pork was amazing. We watched a lot of the superbowl and the episode of Glee afterward. There was a lot of downtime and relaxing which was so nice! I got to go on Goodreads which is blocked in China and make a list of all the books I want to read. I just got a kindle and am so excited to read all these books that I've been wanting to read for a long time but just don't have space to bring in my luggage to China. I'm so excited all these books are on the kindle but sad that Wild Swans is not since there's no way I can bring that back to China without getting caught. Anyway, if you have a goodreads account, please add me as your friend.

Thanks Kev and Trinh!

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  1. How wonderful! So wish I could visit Kev and Trinh. Trinh sounds like an amazing cook! So glad you are having such a great visit!