09 February 2011

Utah (Days 4-7)

After hanging out with Trinh and Kev, I got to spend time with my dear friend Becca. I was so excited to spend two nights at her apartment and get to see her and her cute little baby boy Alec. He is such a dream baby. He never cries and he smiles all the time. Hanging out with him made me feel encouraged again to have kids. I have ups and downs where I get scared to death to have kids and then there will be times like these where I'll have the most precious, calm baby in my arms and I think, "Yes, perhaps I can do this." I loved bonding with Becca and sharing in each other's interests. Becca and Marat were such good hosts, making me dinner and taking me to Cafe Rio. I had a great time with them.

I love how in love Becca is with her baby. I've never before seen such happiness in a mother's face. She is basically drunk with love with her baby boy. I can't help but be affected by her radiance and love. I felt so cheerful the whole time I was there. I really hope I will be as attached to my future baby.

Cafe Rio Pork Salad: My one true love

On Wednesday I went and saw my friend Layne. We ate at a vegan restaurant and watched Black Swan. (That movie is a trip. ) Was so nice to see her again. Went back to Becca's Thursday morning. That afternoon afternoon, Becca and I invited our friend and former room mate Rebecca Rosello over and see her kids. I haven't seen Rebecca since August 2008. She's growing like a weed! And this was the first time seeing Alessandra.

This is lunch with the Dewey boys. Joseph took a lunch break and we picked up Mark. Ate some tasty Thai food.

Utah was awesome! Thanks to all my great hosts and hostesses! Love you tons!

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  1. Hehe drunk on love is a pretty good description... but another major reason for my very content state was having you around. You're an amazing friend Nesska! -becca