26 February 2011

China Pavilion

Ramsey and I with a few friends visited the China Pavilion which was part of the 2010 World Expo. However, to view the China Pavilion you must wait in line for something crazy like 8 hours so we never saw it. Thankfully the China Pavilion was reopened by popular demand until May so we visited it finally. We brought along Flat Benjamin which was made by our nephew Benjamin.

We received the following letter:

"Hello! My name is Benjamin.... and I am a kindergartner at......Our class read the book "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown. In the book, Stanley became flat when a bulletin board fell on him! One advantage of being flat was that Stanley's parents could send him in an envelope to visit family and friends through the mail- which was cheaper than airfare!

My classmates and I have become flat in order to take an adventure around the world. I have been sent to you in hope that you would be willing to help me along my adventure!"

Flat Benjamin was mailed to us from Ramsey's mother and we are sending him along to Ramsey's uncle in England. We will be sending a postcard picture to Benjamin's kindergarten class. Please tell me which one you think is the best for a postcard and leave a comment! Thank you!!!


  1. I like the composition of the first one best. Only problem is the pavillion is a little faded. I fixed it for you:


  2. I liked the bottom one, but I'm sure Jer's is great!