03 March 2011

Just indulge me here

I would love to travel the world. I want to see all the tourist things but also the every day things. I would love to be able to understand in every language in the world meaning speak, read, write, listen....every aspect. I would love to work for United Nations as a translator. I would love to travel to all the tropical islands such as Bora Bora, Maldives, Bermuda, Barbados, Bahamas, Tahiti, Fiji, and Bali. I would love to own an ultra expensive camera and take up photography. I would love to play tennis in my own private tennis court in my backyard. I would love an apartment in Shanghai and a beach house in Los Angeles. I would also love to have a farm with a horse, a few chickens, pigs, cows. I would love a Mexican cook and a personal trainer and my own private gym. I would love a balcony, an annex, a loft where I have my own personal space and library. I would love to work at an orphanage and go on humanitarian trips with special projects like delivering water and soap to small villages in Africa. I would love to fly without fear of getting shot down by the government. I would love to ride a dinosaur without fear of being eaten or falling off. I would love to have my own messenger pigeon. I would love to stay in bed all day and read a good book without feeling guilty of being unproductive. I would love for each day to last twice as long. I would love to have a little dragon for a pet about the size of Sophie that was very tame and didn't breathe fire on me...


  1. I agree with so many of these! Seems like every time I learn about something, I want to do it. Yesterday, I listened to Ben Affleck testify before Congress about the situation in Congo, and his philanthropic organization, and I thought, "I want to join and go help the women in Congo." I would only need about 200 clones of myself, and unlimited resources to do it all. I don't know about the dragon though. Unless it was really good at roasting my marshmallows.

  2. Sometimes I just think I would love to be in love again. But the thought only dances around the corners of my mind and quickly pirouettes out the door.

  3. I like your loves. :-) Feel free to indulge anytime.