02 March 2011

Teaching Again

I started teaching again.

I have some new freshmen for my conversation class. We talked about the differences among the terms: dreams, aspirations, ambitions, and goals. We talked about the words realistic and unrealistic. Also taught them the verb "set" as in "to set goals." Then I had them all create a bucket list after I explained the term to them.

For my writing class, I had a lecture on punctuation and then sent them home with 14 pages of reading. The next class period they took a quiz. There were 13 questions, most just "what are commas, apostrophes, hyphens, etc..." but my favorite questions were these:

10) Explain the difference in meaning
between these two phrases:

• a man-eating shark
• a man eating shark

11) Explain the difference in meaning
between these three phrases:

• three-hundred-year-old trees
• three hundred-year-old trees
• three hundred year-old trees

12) Punctuation is important! Explain
the meaning of each of these sentences:

Woman, without her man, is nothing"

Woman: without her, man is nothing"

13) Explain the meaning of each of these

• "King Charles walked and talked half an hour
after his head was cut off

• "King Charles walked and talked; half an hour
after, his head was cut off"

They loved them and it was a fun little exercise that showed them that punctuation in the English language really is important.


  1. haha that's awesome. How did they do?

  2. I have a friend who overuses exclamation points and seems to not have a clue what commas, periods, or dashes are. Care if I send her your way?